That's What We Do....

We provide database design, programming, administration and training services for all Oracle database versions. The services we offer are based on real-world, practical experiences that have helped customers reach their database implementation goals quickly and effectively.

We also help you to discern whether the products being offered by vendors are the products you really need to deploy,  saving you unnecessary high capital expenditures and astronomical maintenance costs on both hardware and software solutions.

Services Provided

  • Enterprise Network and Server Capacity Planning
  • On-Site/Remote Database Administration
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning (RAC, Standby, RMAN)
  • Intranets with Oracle Internet Application Server and HTML based development
  • Windows 2000/2003 and UNIX/Linux OS Configuration and Database Tuning
  • Oracle Database Administration Training
  • Business Intelligence Systems Design and Implementation
  • Oracle Forms and Reports / Web Application Server Systems Development
  • IT Infrastructure Design and Deployment Consulting

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